Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Interview with Susan, Robyn, and Linda

We are concluding our blog series introducing you to the faces of Checkered Cottage with a special interview with the dream team: Susan, Robyn, and Linda.  These amazing ladies share a glimpse into all the magic that goes into this this special store.

Spotlight on Susan, Robyn, and Linda

How it all Started:

Way back in the early 90s (1990s)!!, Robyn and Linda worked at a little shop in Kirkwood called Stenciled Duck and Susan was a regular customer.  The 3 became friends and in early 1999 when  The Duck closed, Susan took the opportunity to reopen her own shop in their vacated space with Robyn as manager and Linda as designer.   

The Name Game:

What to call this new little endeavor??  Susan wanted it to have a cozy feel, so  'cottage' would work and at that time country checkerboard was all the rage, soooooooooooo Checkered Cottage was born!!!!!   

In the Beginning.......

The main focus of the Cottage in the beginning was wall stencils, and wood kits along with a few templates, a little card stock and some candles.  My how things have changed!!  Stencils and wood have given way to an extensive hand picked line of paper crafting supplies, a wide selection of classes taught by the best teachers in town, a beautiful gift line, and a one of a kind area called ReCreate for resale and purchase of gently used craft items.  Change has been good!!

We Get Inspired by....

Our customers!   We listen a lot to their needs and the ideas they share with us.  Inspiration also comes from attending CHA for our paper lines and our buying trips to Chicago for our gift line.  Our reps are fantastic as they get the latest and the greatest to us in a timely fashion.
Our Travels: 

Most memorable was being invited by Lasting Impressions to attend their Top Brass weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah  January 2006.  One evening we had dinner at the top of a ski run via a sleigh ride up to a restaurant called The Snowed Inn.  WOW!!
Craziest by far trip was our CHA adventure out in Anaheim, CA.  Attended the show all day and at night took that rental car out cruising the streets. Oh, the sights we saw  -  'nuff said!!

Business and Pleasure:

It's great that our personalities are alike... but it's really our differences that keep things fresh and always changing.  These differences help us to see things in a broader view here in the store and on our buying trips.  Three good friends working together for over 13 years continues to be great fun!

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